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Look at that face. I can't tell if this is Scout or Maverick

In October, I went to a dog rescue event called Barktoberfest where I met  two gorgeous bull mastiffs that stole my heart. Both had been rescued from a puppy mill and consequently suffer from a multitude of ongoing health issues. Despite having a miserable start to life, they are now the happiest mastiffs in the world thanks to the two wonderful founders of Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary of New Richmond, OH.

Since moving to Cincinnati this summer, I have been wanting to do some volunteer work for an animal-related cause. During my conversation with the women, I discovered they didn’t have a website! Bing bang boom this is where I was destined to volunteer. DONE.

Well it’s now…February and we were finally able to get together and start. After doing some research and speaking with my lovely techie friend Jon Sustar, I decided to use  www.squarespace.com (@squarespace). It has amazing pre-coded widgets that will allow a lot of functionality that I would never be able to construct PLUS the ability to customize every detail of the page was also a huge draw. Since we had the platform to build it on, we were able to discuss fun things like design! After searching through Adobe Kuler, we selected the color palette “For Hilary” :

I, along with everyone at Angel’s Rest, couldn’t be more excited to get this website up and running. They are run solely on donations from the community and a website will definitely increase the visibility of their great cause. I’ll continue to post pictures of the adventures I have going out to the sanctuary’s temporary grounds, as I have a lot of fun meeting the animals in the office. And by meeting, I mean plopping on the floor and snuggling.

Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary

They were very excited to see me


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