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A few months ago I was curious as to when the new season of Friday Night Lights (FNL) would premiere. I became absolutely obsessed with the show last year and watched all the old episodes on Hulu. I was shocked when I saw on NBC’s site that it doesn’t premiere until SUMMER 2010. After tweeting my dismay, a fellow Cincinnatian informed me of some bad news. I went to DIRECTV’s website and found this:

DIRECTV and NBC Universal have extended their partnership to produce two more seasons of Friday Night Lights. All 26 episodes of the fourth and fifth seasons of the critically acclaimed and award-winning drama series will air first exclusively on The 101 Network, only on DIRECTV.

Lucky for me…I’m signed in on a one-year contract with Time Warner and therefore do not have DIRECTV which means no FNL!!!

How am I going to get through the fall FOOTBALL season without my favorite Coach Taylor, Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen?? If anyone finds an illegal upload of the shows (as they won’t appear on Hulu or any other legal place) let me know.


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