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I am relatively new to Cincinnati and still rely on Google, Yelp and Urban Spoon to help me make everyday decisions.

Recently having gotten a rescue dog, I wanted to research some doggie day cares so that she could have fun while I’m at work. After searching for quite some time, I began to read the online reviews about the 2 places I was seriously considering.

One of them (which I won’t name) had the following negative reviews mixed in with a few positive ones:

– I drove by. The parking lot was full of trash and cans and broken bottles

– There were a few times that I overheard the owner screaming “GOD DAMMIT!” to the dogs and hear a lot of people screaming too, and I saw someone strike a dog behind the counter when he jumped up on the counter

– Today I received a call from them saying I needed to leave work to come pick up my other dog and take her to the vet because “they did not have enough people to take her”. Upon my arrival, my dog, who is also a very laidback, submissive girl, was obviously in pain and had an open wound on her side.

I will obviously not be taking LooLoo to the above daycare. Thank goodness I took the time to search for reviews. She will be going to Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa, which got FANTASTIC reviews  and I’m sure she will love it

How did people function prior to the internet?


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